Mass Timber

High strength structural engineered timber, or Mass Timber, delivers significant carbon savings vs traditional construction materials, and has an important role to play in helping to decarbonise the construction industry.

Our practice pioneered the use of Mass Timber in New Zealand, and we have extensive experience in designing and building using this green technology.

The Plant & Food Seafood Research Centre at Port Nelson combines a range of mass timber technologies, including CLT timber transverse sheer walls, LVL cross columns and Potius floor and roof components.

Plant & Food Seafood Research Centre, Nelson


Mass timber design

Created through compression or lamination of layers of timber, Mass Timber is a carbon positive material, capturing carbon within the fabric of the building. Mass Timber is extremely strong when used for primary structural elements, and can increase construction speed and efficiency.

Our experience includes design for CLT (Cross Laminated Timber), LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber), PLT (Parallel Laminated Timber), Glulam and Potius engineered timber systems.

We have used these Mass Timber technologies extensively across residential, commercial, public, education, and aged-care projects, and we’re able to work with clients to find the best system for each project based on cost, environmental and design considerations.