BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a process where detailed 3D digital models from separate consultants are combined into a federated, cloud environment with the aim of reducing costs and errors once the project reaches construction.

Our in-house BIM experts manage these complex processes to ensure that clients achieve the benefits that state of the art architectural design and construction management can deliver.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) view of project

BIM modelling and coordination

We use BIM across the lifecycle of a project, developing visualisations that allow clients and consultants to better understand and interact with the design before construction begins. Following project delivery, BIM models become a tool for building maintenance and operations, supporting long term efficiency.

Our team is experienced at incorporating advanced BIM methodologies into the design process for projects of all scales; we have managed modelling and coordination for projects ranging in value from $1m to $100m.

We prepare BIM Execution Plans for each project, to define goals and requirements, and ensure all parties involved are fully aware of the opportunities and responsibilities associated with BIM implementation.

These detailed plans cover project goals, competency requirements, information management, security, exchange modes and frequency. Project deliverables, coordination requirements, quality control, outputs and responsibilities are also clearly defined.