JTB Architects

Temara Way House



Client: M.Voerman & Y.Hofsteede | Consultant Engineer: W R Andrew Ltd | Completed: August 2010

The design of this house provides multi-facetted integration of the house, landscape and outdoor living spaces on a site that superficially faces only one direction. The design further explores the idea that living areas can open away from views as well as towards them. The idea is to link the living spaces of the house to quiet and sheltered outdoor garden space as well as to the more obvious views to the west. The house then relates to the whole site.

Horizontal cedar weatherboards and veranda edges emphasise the horizontal nature of the house. Natural looking stained cedar was chosen to be empathetic to the semi-rural environment. Stonework is used to anchor the house at the entrance and in the courtyard, and stonework is also used for a large fireplace wall inside.

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