JTB Architects

Nelson Marina Office & Amenities



Client: Nelson city council | STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING: W R ANDREW | completed: june 2011

This building is part of the greater Nelson Marina extension and upgrades and provides offices, meeting room, lounge, toilet and laundry facilities for the marina staff and marina visitors.

The site context and desire lines suggested a triangular plan with the further need to address visitor entry, suggested an angled orientation for the main entrance further re-enforced by the need for the supervisor to have oversight of the water. This angular geometry has been utilised to define and separate the major facilities; being administration, marina facilities, and public toilets. The roof form defines the main triangular geometry to form a 'sail' shape, which works with the roof pitch to create a higher roof at the main entrance that reduces to the north, further defining the hierarchy of functions.

The geometry of the walls follows a differing alignment to that of the roof, creating overhanging canopies for each of the three entrance points. Full height curtain walling is used for the south-west facing wall of the administrative office to enhance the presence of this facade. Elsewhere, walls are clad in fibre cement panels, which are dressed in places with macrocarpa as a cost-effective response to improving the material palette.


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