JTB Architects

Bali Spa, Ubud, Bali



A masterplan for a new specialist Health Spa in quiet rural upland Bali near Ubud. The site is located on a west facing slope running from farmland at the top down to a delightful stream on the valley floor. We have arranged the sites and circulation paths to take advantage of the contour with individual private sites for varying dwelling sizesranging from double suites through to large villas. Larger sites are accessed from the upper access road while smaller sites are approached from walkways and low speed golf cart paths further down the slope so that on site vehicle traffic is kept to a minimum. The planning retains almost all the natural vegetation and includes a complete health centre featuring specialist areas for yoga, meditation, education, child care, spa, organic restaurant & cooking school. On the lower slope beside the river we have used the natural features of site to provide for a Spring Spa and a River /Swimming Spa with other areas closer to the main entry providing all the facilities associated with upmarket boutique accommodation.